To assist the growth of your business, Johnny Rockets offers the following development support:

  • Owner-sponsored domestic Financial Assistance to qualified U.S. Franchisees
  • Intensive market research for key demographic areas and exclusive development rights in many of them
  • Access to experts in the fields of real estate, architecture, design and equipment
  • Assistance in reducing build-out costs
  • Enhanced image options with variable color combinations, furniture designs and graphics packages

Prior to opening, Johnny Rockets assures brand cohesiveness by providing the following support:

  • Management Training - 4 weeks at a Certified US Training Restaurant
  • Setup Support - Purchasing assistance to establish supply lines, publicity established with local media, marketing assistance
  • Opening Support - 3-member training crew on-site for 10 days
  • Ongoing Support - On-site visits, accessibility of all Field teams and Corporate personnel

After opening, our Restaurant Support Center works around-the-clock to provide the assistance our restaurants need to succeed:

  • An elected Franchise Leadership Council to work with Ownership, Corporate and Franchisees to provide operator guidance on key Company decisions.
  • Dynamic online communication portal with easily accessible guidelines, materials, images, calendars, alerts and discussion boards
  • Weekly and monthly Corporate communications, sharing need-to-know information and shared best practices
  • Field Marketing Team to help create customized marketing plans.
  • Purchasing department to provide price verification on all items purchased through suppliers to verify cost compliance.
  • Product compliance achieved via distributor management.
  • Nutritional information updated with all menu options and core offerings.
  • Nutritional engineering of products to meet new regulation regarding use of sodium, preservatives, etc.

"You get to pick up the phone and you can speak to the Vice President, to the CEO, at any given time; they hear you, they listen to you, they allow you to make changes necessary to your demographics and they're available to you. It's not where you get lost in the puddle and they don't get to see you in the pile of paperwork; they're actually very active and wanting you to succeed and wanting you to multiply your stores." - Marriette Simoni Thomas, Johnny Rockets Franchise Owner, Camarillo, CA