How does Johnny Rockets currently offer franchising internationally?

Johnny Rockets offers international franchising opportunities through a Master Franchisee / Area Development model. This method of franchising identifies specific geography within a country and defines an agreed upon number of restaurants that must be built within the predetermined geography within a specific timeframe. The franchisee in this method of franchising will have exclusive development rights to the predetermined geography for a defined period of time, usually 10 years. The franchisee is given a development schedule that defines when each restaurant must be opened, usually one restaurant every 9 - 10 months.

What are Johnny Rockets royalty fees, and how often do we submit the royalty to your headquarters (Restaurant Support Center)?

Johnny Rockets royalty fee is 6% of gross sales paid on a monthly basis by electronic wire transfer.

What is the franchising fee per restaurant?

The total Initial Franchise Fee for individual restaurants is $60,000

  • Franchisees who enter into an Area Development Agreement will pay an Initial Exclusivity Fee equal to $30,000 per restaurant that is included in the ADA, upon execution of the ADA. Upon the execution of each individual Franchise Agreement an Initial Franchise Fee of $30,000 is due.
  • For franchisees who have purchased Exclusive Country Rights the Initial Franchise Fee of $60,000 per restaurant is due upon the execution of each Franchise Agreement.

How does the advertising work? Is there a standard % of sales that must be used as advertising fund or its up to the franchise to decide.

You will be required to spend a minimum of 2% of your gross sales locally for advertising; you will also be required to pay a small percentage of gross sales into the Johnny Rockets Advertising Fund through our Restaurant Support Center monthly together with your 6% royalty payment.

What support does Johnny Rockets provide to its franchises, i.e., training, marketing, and more?

Training support

  • Management Training - consists of a four-week management-training program for each of your restaurant managers. Your restaurant management team must travel to one of our Certified Training Restaurants in the United States to receive this training. After you have opened your third restaurant, a member of the Johnny Rockets training department will visit your restaurants, at your request, to certify one of your own restaurants to conduct this training.
  • Grand Opening Training - Johnny Rockets will send a team of three Certified trainers to your new restaurant opening for a period of ten days. The team will spend the five days prior to your opening at your new restaurant helping to set up the restaurant as well as to train your new crewmembers. The team will spend the Grand Opening day and the following four days working in the restaurant with your management team and your staff to ensure that the proper Johnny Rockets standards are in place.

Marketing Support

  • The marketing team, provides creative assets that include files for in-restaurant point-of-purchase materials, menu templates and LSM programs. Your ad fund contribution also provides you with access to the Johnny Rockets Extranet through which you will have access to all of the available marketing, operational, development and purchasing materials.

Purchasing Support

  • Working in conjunction with the franchisee, the Johnny Rockets Purchasing Department helps to coordinate the local production of all the required product to deliver the entire Johnny Rockets menu. Those products, if any, that are determined to not be available locally are sourced from our approved suppliers in the United States and imported through a consolidator.

Does Johnny Rockets allow sub franchising?

At the current time, Johnny Rockets does not have any sub franchisees. All of our existing Master Franchisees currently maintain a minimum of a 51% ownership interest in every restaurant that is developed within their Development Area.

Will Johnny Rockets introduce some locally accepted recipes on the menu?

Throughout our 22-year history our international franchisees have found that it is the genuine Americana essence of our menu that has proven to be the most successful aspect of our restaurants, however, Johnny Rockets is sensitive to local taste and flavor profiles. We will allow you to submit your menu ideas to us through our R&D submission program. Our R&D Department will consider all requests and will approve new menu items based upon their fit to our brand as well as their fit to the local culture.

Does Johnny Rockets have any preferred suppliers for its restaurants furniture, equipment and food supplies, or is it up to the master franchisee to source form the best available sources in the area they are in?

Johnny Rockets works together with Sysco's International Food Group - IFG ( to manufacture and supply of food and beverage equipment to fixturize our restaurants worldwide. As much of the equipment used in our restaurants in readily available worldwide, we also authorize our developers locally purchase restaurant equipment and supplies that match our specifications and are available locally.

b) Johnny Rockets also uses Sysco's International Food Group to supply food products to our restaurants. IFG can assist our developers world-wide to establish relationships with locally operated distributors to supply all of the required product to Johnny Rockets restaurants

What should be the average size of a Johnny Rockets restaurant in sq. foot, and how many seats should it have?

Johnny Rockets has four footprints ranging in size from 500 to 2200 square feet, the menu offerings and service style at each footprint differs.

  • Traditional Johnny Rockets restaurants range in size from 1800 - 2200 square feet and offer our full menu in a table service environment. These restaurants typically feature seating for 60 - 80 Guests. Traditional Johnny Rockets restaurants are typically located in shopping malls, power centers, lifestyle centers and storefront locations.
  • Traditional Small Johnny Rockets restaurants range in size from 1400 - 1800 square feet and offer our full menu in a table service environment. These restaurants typically feature seating for 30 – 40 Guests. Traditional Small Johnny Rockets restaurants are typically located in shopping malls, power centers, lifestyle centers, airports and storefront locations.
  • Non-Traditional Plus Johnny Rockets restaurants range in size from 1000 - 1200 square feet and offer a limited menu of Johnny Rockets favorites in a counter service environment. These restaurants typically feature seating for only 8 - 12 Guests. Non-Traditional Plus Johnny Rockets restaurants are typically located in shopping malls, storefront locations, amusement parks, airports, casinos and other non-traditional locations.
  • Non-Traditional Johnny Rockets restaurants range in size from 500 - 750 square feet and offer a menu featuring only our most popular hamburgers, chicken tenders, American fries, onion rings and original shakes and malts in a counter service environment. These restaurants typically do not feature seating. Non-Traditional Johnny Rockets restaurants are typically located in mall food courts, casinos, sports stadiums, airports and other non-traditional locations where square footage is harder to come by.

How many employees are required to run a Johnny Rockets restaurant efficiently?

The average Johnny Rockets restaurant of 2200 square feet will employ from 35 - 50 total employees. This number varies based upon sales volume, business flow and square footage.

What is the cost of equipment, furniture, and construction of a Johnny Rockets restaurant in the US?

Johnny Rockets estimates that the cost to completely build and fixturize a restaurant in the U.S. ranges from a low end of $524,000 to a high of $1,088,000. This is an all-inclusive number and reflects the complete initial investment including initial franchise fees, inventory, training costs and initial labor costs.

The cost for only equipment and furniture ranges between $150,000 and $245,000 depending upon the design of the restaurant.