As a Johnny Rockets Franchise Partner, you are part of a collaboration of business people who have a combined passion for providing quality food in stellar settings and making people smile. That’s why we don’t refer to our restaurateurs as “franchisees.” It’s much more than that. People who own Johnny Rockets restaurants are selected for their ability to believe in the past, present and future of our brand…and we’re committed to partner with them, all the way. That’s why it all begins with an application. Once we receive it, we will walk you through the process and work hard to make sure the relationship will be mutually beneficial.


The entire domestic Franchising process takes 60 to 90 days. Here are the steps, at Johnny Rockets:

WEEK 1 - Initial Screening

This takes place when we first receive your request for a Franchising Kit. Our initial filter is designed to make sure you have the minimum financial requirements that we know are needed to build a successful restaurant. Once you receive the Kit, we make ourselves available to answer any questions you have and to determine whether or not a Franchise Application is the appropriate next step. If all looks good, we send it to you and we proceed to Step 2.

WEEK 2 - Franchise Application

Once you complete and return the Franchise Application, we will carefully review it and contact you to further discuss how a partnership may be met between you and our brand. If we both agree, we will send you access to review our Johnny Rockets Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), electronically. The FDD contains all disclosures about our Company and provides you with the tools you need to determine what your Business Plan will entail. Once you return the acknowledgement of receipt and verification of funds, we can proceed to Step 3.

WEEK 3 - Financial Qualification/FDD Review

Our Franchise Review Committee will review your application and verification, as well as your level of interest in our brand and what it represents, to determine if we can quality you to become a Johnny Rockets Franchise License owner. If such a determination is made and we are both committed to work together, we will move on to Step 4.

WEEK 4 TO 5 - Franchise Development Interview

This is where we get down to the nitty-gritty. We review your Business Plan and put you in touch with real estate and development experts in your desired franchising area(s).

WEEK 6 - Discovery Day

The fun begins! You have the opportunity to speak with our Corporate Management Team members and to call or visit a number of existing Franchise Partners who are interested in - and excited to - work with potential fellow "Rocketeers." We also encourage you to take this time to work with accounting and legal professionals to determine if Johnny Rockets is feasible for you and your career or investment goals.

WEEK 7 - Territory Review

We will review your site selections and provide you with our research on the area you want to develop. We'll help you determine the best location, size, venue type and configuration to make your Johnny Rockets restaurant succeed.

WEEK 8 - Contracting Stage

This is your opportunity to review the contracts, obtain appropriate legal advice, sign and return the Franchising Agreement to us. This is also when you will want to begin obtaining the right specs, designs, signage, equipment and assets to create a successful Johnny Rockets floorplan and operating structure.

WEEK 9 TO 10 - Franchise Agreement

Once your plan is in place and we believe you have a winning development strategy, design and location, we will provide you with a Franchise Agreement for your designated territory. That's when the real work begins. Once your Agreement has been signed, our team will work with you throughout the entire process of opening your restaurant. We will assist you in loan packaging, lease review, permitting, installation, inventory set up, signage, staff training and the grand opening. From there, you will have a partner to work with you as much, or as little, as you desire.