Johnny Rockets' Philosophy

Our Values

We Rock Our Guests!

  • We entertain our guests and provide a fun experience!
  • We handle guests needs right here and now.
  • We want our guests to leave with a smile.
  • We value creative expression in entertaining our guests.

It's How We Roll

  • We are fun!
  • We treat everyone with respect.
  • We encourage each other to learn and grow.
  • We honor our commitments to one another.
  • Our relationships with each other are based on our shared future.

We take our
show on the road

  • We take our musical performances into our communities to support our vision, one performance at a time.

Ready to be a Rocketeer?

Thanks for checking us out. Please click on our openings and apply online. Our positions are always changing so we’ll contact you if there’s a fun fit!

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