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Turning Grease Into Diesel, Johnny Rockets Recycles Fry Oil Through Dar Pro Solutions

(Aliso Viejo, Calif.) April 19, 2013 Johnny Rockets partners with DAR PRO Solutions to recycle its restaurants used fry oil into renewable diesel fuel.  Each year, Johnny Rockets serves about eight million pounds of American Fries and two million orders of Onion Rings, all of which use fry oil.  Through DAR PRO Solution’s green program, Johnny Rockets’ 29 corporate-owned restaurants recycle nearly 7,200 pounds of Used Cooking Oil per year, per restaurant. The collection and recycling of Waste Oil not only saves and produces energy, it also keeps the used product out of waterways and addresses the growing demand for renewable energy sources.  “Johnny Rockets continually strives for ways to make our restaurants more eco-friendly and leave a lighter footprint on our environment,” states John Fuller, President and CEO. “As an all-American restaurant chain, we are proud to do our part to be socially responsible and our partnership with DAR PRO Solutions is a great way to give back to our communities and environment.”  DAR PRO Solutions offers environmentally-safe methods for disposal and sustainable use of fry oil for national restaurant chains, grocery retailers and other food service businesses. The company converts animal fats and recycled greases, as well as plant oils such as soybean oil into its exclusive biodiesel fuel, called Bio G-3000™ Premium Biodiesel fuel.  Bio G-3000™ can be used in place of diesel fuel without engine modification or performance reduction and is the fastest growing domestically produced alternative fuel. “Renewable energy, or biofuels, is only one way that we contribute to greening of America, but in the recent past it has become the most talked about use for our recycled grease,” Bill Morris, Sales Manager Chain Accounts for DAR PRO, states. “Our partnership with Johnny Rockets is a testament to the fact that foodservice organizations are working towards sustainability goals and are adding value to the idea of a sustainable business.”  DAR PRO recently partnered with Valero Energy Corporation in a joint venture to build a Green Diesel plant, which is designed to produce 9,300 barrels of renewable diesel per day. The Plant will make use of the Norco LA Refinery’s pipelines and 7000 domestic stores to make Diamond Green Diesel available nationwide. The Diamond Green Diesel facility will convert as much as eleven percent of the U.S.’ animal fat and used cooking oil into renewable diesel.