All-American Franchising

Johnny Rockets is an international restaurant chain that offers the food, fun and friendliness of classic, timeless, feel-good Americana. Every Johnny Rockets restaurant serves simple, great-tasting food from a menu of all-American favorites, including our juicy hamburgers, crispy American Fries, classic sandwiches and rich, delicious hand-dipped shakes and malts. It's the place to go for friendly service, flavorful food, uplifting music and relaxed, casual fun.

With annual sales in excess of $300 million, Johnny Rockets is a time-tested brand with an extraordinarily high awareness level, a loyal customer base and a broad demographic appeal.

The all-American theme is one that has proven to be universal and that leaps across all geographic and cultural boundaries. It easily translates into any language and relates to the best concepts of America, around the globe. Throughout the world, people appreciate the stereotypical home-cooked goodness of classic comfort foods; smiling, outgoing service and a bright, clean, cheerful atmosphere.

"The success of Johnny Rockets around the world is a powerful statement about the strength of our brand, our business model, and the exportability of American brands to international markets. If you visit our restaurants in the UAE, Malaysia, Brazil, or any one of our over 25 international markets you will find Johnny Rockets authentic all-American food and experience. We do make subtle adjustments to fit local market customs and palate preferences, but the allure of our brand for consumers lies in the opportunity that Johnny Rockets provides them to enjoy this unique experience in their home country. " -Scott Chorna, Sr. Vice President, International Development
"Johnny Rockets is a compelling, upbeat, fun concept that appeals to all generations. It is pure Americana. Johnny Rockets Corporate support keeps it that way. That's why I got involved as a franchisee." - Steven L. Snyder, Managing Partner
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