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Johnny Rockets - pattern background

Welcome to our culinary haven where Johnny Rockets’ iconic burgers and Hurricane Grill & Wings’ legendary chicken wings coalesce into a flavor-packed symphony! At select co-branded Johnny Rockets & Hurricane Wings locations, our restaurants offer a diverse menu featuring classic, mouthwatering burgers alongside Hurricane Grill & Wings’ signature chicken wings, available in traditional and boneless varieties.

What sets us apart is the fusion of these two culinary worlds, allowing you to enjoy the best of both: the timeless appeal of Johnny Rockets’ burgers and the tantalizing heat of Hurricane Grill & Wings’ renowned wing sauces. Whether you’re a burger enthusiast or a wing connoisseur, our co-branded concept ensures a dining experience that satisfies every craving. Come together with friends and family to relish a culinary adventure where burgers meet wings in perfect harmony. Visit us today for the ultimate fusion of flavors!

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