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Our Story

Ever wish for the good ol’ days? So do we — learn how Burgers, Shakes, Fries, and Fun came to be.

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Original Johnny Rockets
Simply Good


Since our founding in 1986 on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, Johnny Rockets has become an iconic hamburger restaurant, celebrated globally. We are passionate about transforming meals into unforgettable experiences. Our retro-inspired diners provide the ideal ambiance for savoring classic American fare, highlighted by the sizzle of made-to-order Certified Angus Beef<sup>®</sup> burgers, the indulgence of hand-spun real ice cream milkshakes and malts, and the crispy delight of golden fries and onion rings. Whether it’s a casual lunch or a vibrant dinner, Johnny Rockets is more than just a restaurant; it’s a destination where you can relish the joy of simply good times.

The Name

Johnny Rockets

As for the namesake, Johnny Rockets is a combination of all things Americana: “Johnny” after the iconic Johnny Appleseed, and “Rocket” for that classic Oldsmobile Rocket 88. Our restaurants ooze with old school charm and retro appeal, and since the beginning, we’ve incorporated vintage jukebox tunes and service with a smile to entertain guests. And it was an instant hit. Crowds swarmed the Melrose location until 5am, with 600-700 guests daily. And with that, Johnny Rockets blasted off into success.

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At Johnny Rockets, we don’t just serve meals; we craft experiences. Our commitment to creating memorable moments is ingrained in every aspect of what we do. From the first sizzle on the grill, to the ketchup artwork served with your fries, the great tunes playing from the jukebox, to the last sip of a hand-spun milkshake, each visit is an opportunity to indulge in the pleasures of classic American dining. Our diners are not just restaurants; they’re vibrant spaces where laughter flows as freely as our shakes are poured. Whether you’re here for a quick bite during lunch or settling in for a lively dinner, we invite you to join us in creating experiences that go beyond the plate. Welcome to a place where meals turn into memories, and every experience is simply, undeniably, Johnny Rockets.